Upcoming Masterclass 11/29/2020

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you are resting and creating. I just wanted to share with you the class I am having on this upcoming Sunday. I would love for you to attend.

The name of the class is called RHYTHM N WRITING!!! It will be via Zoom at 7pm. The cost is $50. You are reminded that your movement matters and you are being taught a creative way to journal.

Here is a list of the things you will need: water, journal, writing utensils(pen, pencil, markers, etc) and to wear comfortable clothing. I will supply the music and the creative techniques I use to relax and release. I am putting the flyer here on this email. To register send an email: fredrika@genesistransition.com. I look forward to seeing you in class.

Stay safe. Once registration and payment is made you will receive the Zoom link.

One Love, Fredrika.

p.s. I have a beautiful podcast check it out by clicking the link: anchor.fm/fredrika-sellers

Published by Genesis Transition

Genesis Transition is a career and personal development business designed to assist clients who desire and deserve a shift in their personal and professional lives. Based in Prince George’s County, Maryland all services are now virtual and appointment based so that the business can meet the needs of all clients nationally and Internationally.

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