Halfway Point: What Are You Doing?

Congratulations ladies and gentlemen!!! You have made it the halfway point of this year. It has been a struggle and a blessing at the same time but take this opportunity to pat yourself on the back. You made it. Here is the question of the month:Have you set and achieved your goals for the firstContinue reading “Halfway Point: What Are You Doing?”

2021 Monthly Masterclasses and Mindset

Good evening everyone! I hope you all are doing well and I hope that you took my advice and are dancing in December! (Previous blog post. Make sure you subscribe to receive the emails.) So peep this. You ready? Aight boom…. I am going to start offering Monthly Masterclasses starting in January of 2021. IContinue reading “2021 Monthly Masterclasses and Mindset”

Guess Who Is Offering a Black Friday Special?

Good afternoon beloveds!!! Do me a favor? If you haven’t done so please follow GT on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I am offering a special on Black Friday and it will only be posted on social media. Not only that! Once you like the pages share with your family and friends. You never know whoContinue reading “Guess Who Is Offering a Black Friday Special?”

Upcoming Masterclass 11/29/2020

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you are resting and creating. I just wanted to share with you the class I am having on this upcoming Sunday. I would love for you to attend. The name of the class is called RHYTHM N WRITING!!! It will be via Zoom at 7pm. The cost is $50. YouContinue reading “Upcoming Masterclass 11/29/2020”