Welcome to the New GT

Happy October Beautiful Souls!!! As of 10/11/2020 there are some new additions, new processes added and/or subtracted from Genesis Transition. I turned 40 yesterday and in addition to this revamp as a gift to myself, I have also started a new business: Fredrika Sellers Consulting. I will provide that information at the end of thisContinue reading “Welcome to the New GT”

Fall: Focused And Living Life

This is the most beautiful season to me. Some call it Autumn and others call it “FALL”. This is harvest season. This is the season where the leaves fall off but the tree still stands because the root is still healthy. Cardigan season. Boot season. Hoodie season. We wear a little more because there hasContinue reading “Fall: Focused And Living Life”

Shoot Your Shot Love. Shoot. Your. Shot.

Welcome to July. We are in the seventh month. Seven means completion. So peep this. You still have time to finish what you have started. 2020 is not over yet. Do not settle. Do not quit. Do not give up. With the tears in your eyes, the frustrations of life, I encourage you to finishContinue reading “Shoot Your Shot Love. Shoot. Your. Shot.”