Adjust, Revisit, Remain

Hey everyone!

I hope that your summer is filled with love, joy, peace and abundance. I have been in study mode as I make adjustments, revisit some previous plans, and remain encouraged through it all. And that is what I want to talk to you about. I want you to know that it is perfectly okay to adjust, revisit, and remain.


When you think of the word adjust you may think that something has to grow bigger or shrink down and that is not necessarily the case. The definition of the word adjust is: “alter or move (something) slightly in order to achieve the desired fit, appearance, or result.” I want you to focus on the word slightly. You don’t have to do anything major to achieve your goal. Take a deep breath and really focus. You will see where you need to adjust and go from there.


That one thing that you thought was a loss. It was actually a victory. That idea, that plan may not have been for the masses. You have to learn to keep somethings for yourself. Remember the joy you had when you created it. Revisit it again. Because of the adjustment you previously made in the future you will have the right clients to share that prototype with.


Remain encouraged. It seems like everything is falling to the left and to the right. You are in the center. You are not falling to the left or to the right. You keep focused on your purpose, on your business, and on your vision. Do not overwhelm yourself trying to keep up with people who won’t share their whole story. (Hear that with your heart).

New Service Us:

I would like to introduce “Tha Writaz Circle” This is for those who want to write with guidance and prompts. There is no set fee but a payment must be made for the prompts and coaching. Right now we meet on Thursdays at 7pm but in September we will meet on Sundays at 7pm. If you are interested please email:

I look forward to seeing you adjust, revisit, and remain.


P.S.: Y’all asked and I answered. Purchase tickets below

The Courage to Start/The Strength to Finish

Good afternoon everyone!!!!

It’s been a while since I have sent an email. We (me) have overcome some health challenges and I wanted to make sure I was in the right headspace before I spoke with you all. I pray you have been making progess in every area of your life. I know I have and I want to encourage two different categories today.

The Courage to Start: I know there are some of you sitting on ideas, business plans, and books. You are scared for whatever reason. I get it. I have been in that position plenty of times. A lot of you are going to people for the very same service/product that you can provide. And that is okay but who do those people go to? It could be you. I encourage you to find the courage to start. It doesn’t have to be done immediately. Take your time but at this point we are seven months in and you need to start making process. You keep saying you wish when you know that you can. You have slept on yourself for long enough. It’s time to wake up and see how great you are. What is inside of you is needed and there are people waiting specifically for you to share. If you are in need of a coach to gently push you I got you. We can set up something. I just don’t want you sitting on what you can push out. I love you. Find your courage to start. You will be given the strength and grace to finish.

The Strength to Finish: To those who have started things and have hit a wall or just flat out tired. Continue your rest but do not stop and do not quit. Surround yourself with people who will allow you to be empty knowing you need to be refilled. They won’t pull on you in consideration of your gifts, talents, and energy. When you find the strength please finish what you have started. There is no rush but it needs to be completed. You will be sharing what is needed at that time and we are excited to receive what you have to offer. You will be given the grace and the courage to finish it.

This is the seventh month. Seven means “Completion”. Whatever you need to complete in your personal, professional, and spiritual life I know you will be given the grace, the courage, and the strength to get it done. If you are in need of a coach, I am available. You can click on the Services/Products tab on the site to book the session you need. For those who need what this blog is about I recommend the “Shoot Your Shot” coaching. I do offer payment plans for those who are in need.

A special service for my TikTok newbies. For the month of July and August I offering a TikTok training. If you are interested please send an email to

Know that I am here. You are the bag beloved. Healing and abundance are your harvest.

Until next writing,


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Welcome to May

Good evening everyone! I pray your day has been filled with love, joy, peace, and abundance.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month so this post is to encourage you to focus on your own mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Take as many self care days as necessary. Speak to someone you trust your soul and spirit with. Give yourself the grace to love, to live, to breathe, to be, and to feel. You are worthy of every ounce of love and grace that you give to others.

We are five months into this year and I feel that some of you are going into panic mode because you haven’t completed anything and this is my encouragement to you today: You still have time beloved. Take a breath. Stop overwhelming yourself trying to keep up with people who haven’t shared their process. It is being presented like it was an overnight success when in reality it has taken years of tears and preparation to accomplish whatever it is they have done.

I love you. Focus on your mental health. Focus on your emotional health. Focus on your spiritual health. They all affect your physical.

To book me for a coaching session please click on the services tab on the website. You can also purchase books and merchandise by clicking those set tabs on the Home Screen.

I LOVE YOU! That’s the post. That’s the message. Welcome to May babies. Grace is here.

One Love,


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April: A Press, A Push, and A Purpose

Good afternoon everyone! As always I pray that your day has been filled with love, peace, and abundance. Welcome to April my loves. We are in a new season. It may not feel like but we are in a new season. As always, tend to your roots.

A Press: It seems like you feel pressured to complete what you have started. The overwhelming anxiety has you wanting to crawl into a fetal position and not come out. I understand. My encouragement to you is this: stop putting limits on what you can do. Manage your tasks according to your capacity. Their emergency is not a reason for you to move with urgency.

A Push: You are not satisfied where you are? That’s because you are being called to a higher level. This is the area I am telling you not to resist. Greater is on the other side of the push baby. It’s difficult, it’s challenging, and I promise you (catch that extra p) it’s worth it.

A Purpose: You have one. That is why you feel the press and the pull. You are more than what you know. The world may not know your name but those who you are supposed to interact with will know it soon enough. Money is not the motive. Money is the added bonus. Focus on your purpose and your purpose will propel you.

Added Bonus News:

Genesis Transition is offering two special services in April. The first one is Affirmation April in the form of Rhythm N Writing. You will affirm yourself with your words and with your movement. This is available for individuals and groups. The second one is another Write the Book. The group session is on 4/12/22 7-8pm via Zoom. If you would like an individual class that is available as well. Both services can be purchased via this site. Click on GT Services/Products and select Masterclass. In the notes specify what you are requesting. Flyers will be attached to this email.

Genesis Transition is the vision God gave me and I am grateful that in this 10th year that He is giving me creative strategies that will assist you all.

I love you because I love you.


Write the Book!!!
Affirmation April

Embrace the Race

Welcome to March. I pray your February was filled with love, joy, peace, and abundance. I took that month to focus on me and what direction I wanted to go in for the month of March and I came up with Embrace the Race.

You may wonder what I mean by that so let me explain. You don’t have to do everything at an accelerated pace. You are not in competition with anyone. Please note that everyone has not been presented with the same opportunities, invited into the same rooms, etc. What everyone has been presented with is their own race. And I need for you to embrace yours. Contrary to what you may think, you are not behind anyone. You do not have their DNA, their strategy, or whatever it is they have. As a coach I continuously share my strategies and my coach shares her strategies with me. That does not mean I will get the same results. That does not mean you will get the same results. You may have more or less resources than the next person. And that is okay. What looks like a disadvantage will eventually work in your favor.

I don’t want you to rob Peter to pay Paul. I want you to use the tools you were gifted with combined with your natural talents and win your race in due season. So many times we get caught up in what they are doing and they haven’t even shared the turmoil. They have you believing it came easy. Don’t blame them for that either, by the way. In due season, their story will be revealed and so will yours.

Embrace your race loves. Easy was never promised but there is a promise on your life. You have a purpose and a vision and I want to see you win.

I am encouraged by your movements so far. The smallest steps often have the biggest gains. If you can’t run, walk. If you can’t walk, crawl. As always remember that your movement matters.

I want you to keep an eye on the social media pages. I have two masterclasses that I will be offering towards the end of the month. One is a continuous class called Rhythm N Writing. The second one is a surprise. I cannot wait to share with you. But you have to follow the business on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Know that I love you and that I am always rooting for you. Share this blog with your family and friends. I look forward to hearing from you.

One Love,

Coach Fredrika

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Be Intentional. Give Yourself Grace.

Welcome to 2022 beloveds. It is my prayer that this year you are intentional in everything you set out to do and that you give yourself grace. Please know that it is well in everything that you do.

Whether you set goals or are continuing your goals from 2021, be intentional about how you go about doing it. Pay close attention to your connections and what you share. You want to be able to share with people who are genuine about holding you accountable for the things that you have set before you.

I know people don’t like the word accountable but in all honesty you need to deal with that dislike. Accountability is not a bad word. It is not a curse. It is another person you trust and love making sure that you accomplish everything you have set out to do. A true accountability partner will encourage you in every way they possibly can. I want you to take the time to research words you say you don’t like and figure out the reason why you don’t like them. (Healing tip)

In the midst of all of this give yourself grace. Life happens. I want you to think about everything you have already accomplished in this life. It definitely outweighs every bad thing that has happened. I’m not saying ignore it, but shift the focus. That is what healing is. Acknowledging what happened, accepting what happened, and focusing on what you have done in the midst of the pain.

This is your opportunity to be intentional and to give yourself grace this year. You are not perfect but you are progressing. I love you because I love you.

Note that coaching services are available. Click on the application link if you are aware of what services you need. If you are not aware please click on the services tab and click on coffee and coaching.

Be intentional about your purpose, your goals, and give yourself grace.

Until the next post!

One Love,


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Guess Who Has A Merch Store?

Dancing into December with exciting news!!!

I hope your Thanksgiving holiday was filled with love, joy, peace, and abundance. I pray your November was notable.

I have exciting news to share with you all. Genesis Transition now has a merchandise store. You can order tee shirts, long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, and a tote bag. I am excited to present to you all GTees which is an extension of Genesis Transition.

Please consider supporting this new venture. I appreciate every shared post on the social media pages.

In other news, I once again will be revamping some of the services for the business. Details to come soon. I am excited because as I have been on my personal healing journey I realized some things are not a fit and others have to be modified. (Did you catch that coaching tip?)

I will be adding a new service which is Accelerated Author Coaching. This is a 4 week program instead of 8 weeks for the cost of $395.00. The tab will be added in the services icon by the end of the week. Other services will be removed before the year ends.

As always coffee and coaching will always be available! I am always available.

To those who share my posts, like my posts, engage with content, or just generally pray for the success of GT I pray that the Lord God blows your mind before 2021 ends.

One Love,


Authentic in Autumn

We have entered a new season. Welcome to Autumn. The season where the leaves change color and eventually fall off. The season where the air gets crisper and cooler. The season where the time changes and everything falls back.

I don’t want you to focus on the falling away. I don’t want you to focus on the falling back. I want you to focus on the fact that you are still your authentic self. You may ask why that is. Let me tell you why.

The Root is Still Healthy

You are still standing. You may have lost some things and you may have lost some people but you are still standing. You are still creating. You are still walking in your purpose. And that is all that matters. See, this is not the time for you to focus on the fact that the dead stuff is gone. It is used to fertilize the root and to cover the seeds you continuously plant. The seeds of creativity, the seeds of giving, the seeds of tears. I want you to be encouraged. Your tears are not a sign of weakness. They are a sign that you are healing, that you are evolving. Never let anyone discourage you from the fact that you are in touch with your emotions.

Coming soon to my Amazon bookstore will be a 30 day journal. This one is geared for women. I will try to find something for the men and recommend it in my next blog post. In the meantime, please feel free to book your coffee and coaching sessions with me. My October calendar is open. Click on the services tab on the website to book.

If you want to purchase a digital download please visit to learn how to set your goals or a guide on how to write your first book.

Until the next post. Keep taking care of your roots.

One Love,


No More Busy Work!

Welcome to August. The month of new beginnings. We are almost a month from a new season and I hope that you have enjoyed your summer. I have not sent you all an email in a while because I have been practicing what I am about to write to you about.


What does that mean? It means that you have to focus on your goals that you set at the beginning of this year. It means you have to let go of the fear that you will not accomplish them or fulfill your purpose. I am here to let you know that you will finish what you started. (insert unshameful plug of my podcast:; you should go listen)

Busy work involves the things you do to avoid what you are supposed to be doing. Busy work involves letting other people volunteer you for things you don’t want to do and because you are operating in your high functioning anxiety you do it anyway. Busy work is what you do when you have an idea but don’t know how to make it come to pass.

This is why I encourage you to shoot your shot. On purpose. Step into your destiny. No apologies required. I am going to drop my link below. You need to download the “Driven” document. You need to see the vision again. You need to write the vision again(Habakkuk 2).

No more busy work. Work on purpose. Work for purpose. No more procrastination. No more feeding your fears. No more people pleasing. This is in family, friendships, relationships, and in ministry. is the link to download what you need. And if you are supposed to be writing your first book purchase the “Rhythm N Writing” download as well.

I love you! I want the best for you. I want to see you win. I’m the coach for you. To book a coffee and coaching session click the services link. To book any other session please fill out the application by clicking in the services link.

Until We Connect Again,

Coach Fredrika

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