Shifting Seasons: Resting in Chaos

I decided to write a blog at the end of this month rather than the beginning for a few reasons. The main reason is I am in a resting season. I have learned that I create better and that I serve my clients better when all systems are go and when I am not running on fumes.

We have shifted from Winter to Spring and even have experienced a time change. So here is the question at hand:

How Did You Handle The Shifting Season?

It may have been a creative moment for some. For me and a few others in a very transparent moment it was quite and quietly chaotic. Meaning people, places, things, and ideas that no longer served us were removed without notice. At the same time, what we least expected turned out to be a blessing. I had to learn how to rest in the midst of the chaos. I am offering a service for the month of April to show you how you can do that.

Let me say this because I see some eyebrows raised: You can rest and work at the same time. It is very very possible.

Resting in Chaos will be available for the Spring Season for the price of $50 per session. Please book it under the Coffee and Coaching prompt in services. In the notes add “Resting in Chaos”.

As we spring forward, I pray that you work towards your goals and remain focus on your purpose.

If you have not done so like the pages on social media: Genesis Transition.

You are a movement beloved. Flow into your purpose.

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Flowing into February

Good afternoon everyone! I hope that this email finds you doing well in every area of your life. Happy Black History Month and Happy Love Month!

January I went with the flow. I didn’t overextend myself and as a result I got to take a vacation and I was able to rest. I have discovered that ideas are downloaded into me easier when I am rested. I was able to let some things and some people go so that I can receive everything that is about to flow my way. I am going to continue to go with the flow with the understanding that I am the flow.

As you all know I constantly remind you that you are a movement. Flow into your purpose so that should be your focus for the month of February. Pay attention to the movements that you make and if it doesn’t line up with your purpose I encourage you to dismiss it. One way that I am watching my movements is creating monthly vision boards which leads me to this exciting news.

I am creating a new masterclass that will be added to the website once I send this out. Peep the pic below


Yep. You can book a masterclass with me to create a vision board that will not overwhelm you. The price is $50 and you don’t have to fill out the application for this service. This is available as an individual and group class(please note that if you desire a group that the cost is per person). And for the month of February I am offering a class for up to 10 people on 2/19/2021 at 6pm via Zoom. You can send an email to to register for that class.

I look forward to sharing with you! Remember you are a movement. Flow into your purpose!

Share this blog with your family and friends. The goal is to have 100 people subscribed to the blog by the end of the month! When you share please use this #Goal100

Have a great one on purpose!

One Love,

Coach Fredrika

P.S. There is a new book available for purchase. (Go order them all. Thank you lol)

Jump! Welcome to January

Happy New Year Everyone! I pray that 2021 is treating you kindly so far. I know I normally send posts out the around the first of the month but I took a vacation to rejuvenate myself for every great thing that is coming my way. I pray that you do the same!

I just have one word for you for this month: Jump.

Jump into your dreams

Jump into your purpose

Jump into love

Jump into life

Jump into your gifts.

Oh by the way, I have a masterclass coming up on Monday. You can still register by emailing It is on creative journaling. I want to help you tap into the ideas that are being blocked. The cost is $50 per person.

Again: JUMP!!!!

One Love,


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2021 Monthly Masterclasses and Mindset

Good evening everyone! I hope you all are doing well and I hope that you took my advice and are dancing in December! (Previous blog post. Make sure you subscribe to receive the emails.)

So peep this. You ready? Aight boom…. I am going to start offering Monthly Masterclasses starting in January of 2021. I have a few ideas but I would like to get your input as well. They will be added as a tab on the site towards the end of the month so that you can automatically register and pay. I am excited to share with you all in 2021.

You can still book the other services as well. The masterclass will not require the application like the others. This is an automatic entry into the class. Once payment is received you will receive the Zoom link.

Again drop your ideas or suggestions in the comments or you can email them to me at or even message me on social media via the Genesis Transition platforms: Facebook and Instagram. Oh.. that means you have to be following me on there as well. 🙂

Have a great week on purpose. Make sure you are sharing the posts and that you tag me in it so I can see it.

One Love,


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Dance this December

Hello everyone! I hope that this email finds you doing well in every area of your life. We have been through it in 2020 but we are still here! As your coach, your friend, your encourager I want to remind you to dance this December.

Dance into your goals

Dance into your dreams

Dance into the arms of those who love you

Dance into self-care

Just dance beloved.

My December calendar is open and my Rhythm N Writing session is still available. Let’s dance and write into 2021 on purpose and with a purpose. I am officially adding this as a session. For this service no application is required. Just go to services and pay. I feel like we all need to release some stuff.

Make sure you share this blog and the others with your network. Make sure you are following the business on social media(tabs available on the home page). I love you because I love you. Let’s Dance!

One Love,

Coach Fredrika

Your movement matters
Expand your creativity

Guess Who Is Offering a Black Friday Special?

Good afternoon beloveds!!!

Do me a favor? If you haven’t done so please follow GT on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I am offering a special on Black Friday and it will only be posted on social media.

Not only that! Once you like the pages share with your family and friends. You never know who is in need of services. And you may just be chosen to receive a free 15 minute discovery call. That’s right!!! But you have to like, share, and tag GT so I can see it.

Also as a reminder I am holding a RHYTHM N WRITING masterclass this Sunday. Make sure you register today. All information is on the social media pages. I look forward to seeing you all on the platforms!

One Love,


Upcoming Masterclass 11/29/2020

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you are resting and creating. I just wanted to share with you the class I am having on this upcoming Sunday. I would love for you to attend.

The name of the class is called RHYTHM N WRITING!!! It will be via Zoom at 7pm. The cost is $50. You are reminded that your movement matters and you are being taught a creative way to journal.

Here is a list of the things you will need: water, journal, writing utensils(pen, pencil, markers, etc) and to wear comfortable clothing. I will supply the music and the creative techniques I use to relax and release. I am putting the flyer here on this email. To register send an email: I look forward to seeing you in class.

Stay safe. Once registration and payment is made you will receive the Zoom link.

One Love, Fredrika.

p.s. I have a beautiful podcast check it out by clicking the link:

Producing in Chaos

Greetings loves!!

Welcome to “Know”Vember (November). I pray that this 11th month has been going well so far. I wanted to write you all about a subject that I don’t see being discussed. And that is the ability to produce in a chaotic situation.

It seems impossible but it really isn’t. The chaos may give you a new idea for a service or a product that people are in need of this season. Even when you want to throw in the towel take a step back and monetize the lessons you have learned in this chaotic year.

For me, I created an affirmation and goals journal and started a second business. I decided to branch out services from the first business because I saw a need. In this chaotic year have you seen a need that can be met? Are you sitting on your gifts and talents out of fear? This is not the time to do this. If you need assistance in this area I am here to help.

I have openings this week. Visit the site asap and get on my calendar!!!

Also, order your SHOOT YOUR SHOT Journal and my other books via this link:

One Love,


Master it.. With Class

Good afternoon beautiful souls. I just wanted to write you a short little encouraging note as well as give you some information about the two masterclasses I am offering in November.

A lot of you have experienced some things in the past few weeks. It is time to master it with class. It is okay to be hurt and upset about it but you have healing work you have to do, You cannot allow yourself to be bound by the movements of toxic people. I am praying with you and for you always. Please remember that your movement matters. It always has and it always will.

We have a tendency to put ourselves on the back burner because we don’t want to hurt the feelings of others no matter what they have done to us. This is the season for you to reposition people so that you will have room for the blessings that the Lord is preparing for you. So stay in encouraged and remain in Him always.

So about these masterclasses(I encourage but this is also a business lol): The first masterclass is on 11/1/2020 at 7pm. It is a creative healing/journaling class. It will be for an hour and the cost is $50. You will need a journal, crayons, scissors, and anything else you feel you need to be creative. There are 20 spots available.

Second class is on 11/29/2020 and that class is Rhythm N Writing. Again the cost is $50 and it is at 7pm. This class consists of 30 minutes of movement followed by 30 minutes of discussion and writing about what you were feeling while you were moving. You will also need the same materials as the first class. Please be open to be free and creative. There are 10 spots available.

I must tell you that I am not a licensed therapist and this is not a therapy session. If you feel that you are not in the right space to attend these classes please note that I understand and I would encourage you not to register. If you are in need of therapy I can recommend some awesome people who can assist you in that area. It is not the motive of GT to pull you into a place that we cannot get you out of.

To register for these classes please send an email to with your name and email address so that the Zoom link can be provided to you. Also if you are not comfortable with a group and would like a one on one you can book it as well. The cost is for the creative writing one on one is on the site and you can do the application process then book it. The Rhythm N Writing is not and must be booked via email only.

I love you because I love you. Remain encouraged. Fall into your purpose.


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