It’s Still Your Year

There is a lot going on in the world. From the murders of innocent black men and women, Covid-19, loss of jobs, and overall daily life struggles.

In the midst of all of that please don’t lose hope and don’t lose your joy. This is still your year if you want it to be. You can still accomplish everything you have set your mind to do. You can unplug if necessary l. By any means protect your mental health, your emotional health, and your spiritual health.

In light of everything going on I have added a new service called Journaling Your Journey. I teach you techniques I use to express how I feel in a more creative way. If you feel led to book that session click on “Services and Products” on the site to book. I want to assist you with getting some things out of your system to move forward. Please note that I am not a licensed counselor and that these are not therapy sessions.

I pray June is kind to us all. Walk in your strength and remember you are loved. 🖤✊🏽

One Love,


Find your peace ✌🏽

Discovering Yourself: Again

Welcome to the month of May. I pray that April’s showers bring you May flowers. These first five months have been extremely unusual but productive. I hope that you are finding the time to rest and to create. More importantly, I hope you are using this time to discover you.. again.

We lose so much energy when we try to emulate another person. Take this opportunity to discover who you are and just how great you are again. So many times we forget our own greatness trying to help everyone else achieve their’s. This is Mental Health Awareness Month and I want to encourage you to take care of your own mental health.

Engage in self care. Whatever that it is for you do that and some more. My self care is lighting my incense or using my oil diffuser while listening to music and writing. As much as I would love to save the world that is not my assignment. My assignment especially for this month is focus on me. I cannot assist anyone if I am empty.

This post is to encourage you to take care of you. Love on you always but even more now. Don’t settle for less. If you know what you are bringing to the table do not settle for people who only want to eat. They need to at least clean up the mess they made (catch that).

On a business note, I have 30 minute sessions available for those who are interested. Click on the services and products tab for more information.

I love you because I love you. Love yourself because you are completely and totally amazing. Know your worth and if necessary ” no’ them because you recognize your worth.

One Love,


GRIEF: A Positive Breakdown

This post is personal in nature. It is a form of healing for me and I hope that it blesses you and that you eventually use it. I do offer this type of service but it isn’t on the website. I will post how you can request it below.

I have had a lot of loss over the past two to three years. I have had a lot of loss in my life since 2003 if we want to be completely honest. I never put a time frame on grief/healing. It is a process and I am learning that it is more than ok to have a moment. Just make sure the moment doesn’t have me.

I use to teach a class on GRIEF. I gave each letter a positive meaning and a personal assignment attached to it. This is an ongoing process and I have to repeat some at times. I am going to post the meaning of each letter now.

G: Grace- Give yourself grace

R: Resilience- Remember how resilient you are.

I: Intention- Be intentional about your healing

E: Evolve- Take this opportunity to grow(evolve)

F: Focus- Focus on you. Focus on what matters the most.

I am in the process of starting the process over again. During this quarantine time I am being forced to deal with me. Not them, but me. I am having moments but they are making me stronger. I am no longer afraid to feel what I feel. I can cry when I need to, cuss when necessary. I am acknowledging, accepting, and healing.

I pray that you do same. If you are interested in booking this session please send an email to

I love you because I love you. Stay safe.

One Love,


**Happy Birthday Bill Sellers. Continue to coach me from heaven please.**

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Creatively Resting

Dear Creative,

We love to create. It allows us to heal, to be free to release all of these emotions that are moving around us and in us. This is my letter to you. Don’t use your creativity as a means to avoid rest.

Rest your mind, rest your soul, and rest your spirit. You produce more when you are full rather than on fumes. It is not wise to create from a place where you cannot concentrate. Yes we have been known to create from pain but we can also be known for creating from a place of healing.

We have the right to have balance. We have the right to love ourselves to not be pulled in and to be triggered by life at every single moment. We have a right to peace. And if you experience peaceful moments do your life a favor and don’t question it.

Rest beloved. The world will be alright. Take care of you first.

One Love,


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Renew Your Passion

Welcome to April of 2020.

A lot has happened in this 1st quarter. With the Covid-19 and life in general it seems like it has been set up for us to fail. I have shed some tears, been frustrated with things but in the midst of all of this I have been forced to be creative again. I am finding that my passion for things that give me purpose have been reignited. And that is why I am writing to you on today.

I want you to renew your passion. This is not the time for you to sit in despair. I understand that it is rough on you mentally, physically, and emotionally. I am having those moments myself. However, I am not allowing the moments to have me. I hope you take this opportunity to use your talents and gifts to only not help you. Make sure you take care of you first. Once you feel you are able to assist others then do so.

What is your passion? Has it been lost in the turmoil of this world? I am not naive to the tragedies surrounded me but I am also guarding my ears, my eyes, and my heart. Find your passion again love. Starting writing, start drawing, start dancing, finish that business plan. Whatever your passion is renew it. I am here to cheer you on.

With the financial status of this nation, please be wise about your spending habits. A lot of us emotionally spend so use wisdom. Use that wisdom to start your business or even to do whatever your passion is.

To the essential workers, thank you for working in the midst of the madness. Your passion to help people and putting yourself at risk is not taken for granted.

If you need assistance in renewing your passion I offer 30 minute sessions called Purpose PopUp. You can request it via the website or send an email to

Make sure you are following the business on social media!!!

Until we meet again! Stay safe and renew your passion!

One Love,


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All is Calm: Get Creative

Good afternoon everyone!

I hope this post finds you doing well in the midst of what is going on in this world we live in. I just wanted to drop you a quick note to encourage you.

I know with the news reports and everything that you are trying to come to grips with life. Even though things are hectic the best thing you can do is remain calm. Do not panic. I know that it easier said than done but in order to have some peace you must take some deep breaths and trust that God has covered you in this season.

This is also a time for you to be creative. Flow in your gifts and talents. The majority of us are working from home but use this time to start your business, grow your business, etc. Use this opportunity to rest. Recognize the areas you need to grow in and go from there. This is not a time to be lazy but to flourish in every area of your life.

If you are unsure of what you want or need to do I offer two types of calls: Purpose PopUp and Discovery. Each call is 30 minutes for $30. You can schedule your call by emailing me: You can submit your payment via my website:

I look forward to seeing you create in peace.

One Love,


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Marching Orders

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to the beautiful month of March. We are in a month where seasons will change and so will some of the decisions we have previously made.

Whether you are a business owner, looking to shift in your life, and/or in your career this is the time to examine what has happened in January and February to see where you can make adjustments. Life is constantly happening and we are hopefully in a place where we are not resisting the changes that are necessary for our growth and development.

So for the month of March I would like for you to look at what you are trying to accomplish and to see if you have taken any steps towards making it happen. If you need assistance I offer a service called Purpose PopUp. 30 minutes for a small investment of $30. Let’s make sure you get where you are purposed to be in 2020. No procrastination and no delays.

Here is hoping you are having a successful day on purpose.

One Love,


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Why Are You So Comfortable?

Good afternoon.

Why are you so comfortable?

A question that needs an answer. Let’s figure this thing out. You have been praying and planning because you want more out of life. When it is time to execute you stay where you are. This post is not light airy and whimsical. And it’s okay. I am here to make you mad and uncomfortable. You have all of these gifts, talents, and natural abilities that will not only help you, but help others become better in their life and you won’t share them.

Why? Are you scared? Are you lazy? Have you completely given up? You are making time for what you want to make time for so in my opinion you truly have no excuse at this point. Maybe you don’t want it as bad as you say you do.

Or maybe you do. Maybe you need help but your pride will not allow you to ask for it. Get over yourself beloved. You are extremely comfortable at this point and it is maddening. You are paying other people for what it is you can do. Wasting your money, your time, and your talent.


Get uncomfortable or stop complaining about the decisions you have made. I love you enough to get in your stuff.

Stop playing and let’s go.

Facebook Group: From Start 2 Finish (Go Join. You need accountability)

One Love,


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Dear Abandoned Daughter: An Open Letter

This is not a typical post from this website but I am being obedient. Feel free to share with those who need to see it.

Dear Abandoned Daughter,

I am so sorry that you are experiencing a heartbreak that you are unable to put into words. I am so sorry that you feel you are unworthy of love, need, and attention. I know what it is like to wonder what your life would have been like had they been consistent in your life.

This is a letter of encouragement. What if you are being protected from their vices and bad habits? What if they didn’t have the capacity to love you the way you desire and deserve? I know it may be hard to comprehend and understand in this moment. It is going to take you time to heal but once you do you will see why things played out the way they do.

Take a moment to look at what you have accomplished in the midst of that heartbreak. Their absence could not stop you from being the great individual you are!!! Bask in the beauty of being you. Know that you are loved, appreciated, needed, and wanted. Those who are supposed to be in your life forever will show you just that. No worries.

You were a seed buried deep. I need you to bloom now.

I love you because I love you. Be encouraged.


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