Upcoming Masterclass 11/29/2020

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you are resting and creating. I just wanted to share with you the class I am having on this upcoming Sunday. I would love for you to attend.

The name of the class is called RHYTHM N WRITING!!! It will be via Zoom at 7pm. The cost is $50. You are reminded that your movement matters and you are being taught a creative way to journal.

Here is a list of the things you will need: water, journal, writing utensils(pen, pencil, markers, etc) and to wear comfortable clothing. I will supply the music and the creative techniques I use to relax and release. I am putting the flyer here on this email. To register send an email: fredrika@genesistransition.com. I look forward to seeing you in class.

Stay safe. Once registration and payment is made you will receive the Zoom link.

One Love, Fredrika.

p.s. I have a beautiful podcast check it out by clicking the link: anchor.fm/fredrika-sellers

Producing in Chaos

Greetings loves!!

Welcome to “Know”Vember (November). I pray that this 11th month has been going well so far. I wanted to write you all about a subject that I don’t see being discussed. And that is the ability to produce in a chaotic situation.

It seems impossible but it really isn’t. The chaos may give you a new idea for a service or a product that people are in need of this season. Even when you want to throw in the towel take a step back and monetize the lessons you have learned in this chaotic year.

For me, I created an affirmation and goals journal and started a second business. I decided to branch out services from the first business because I saw a need. In this chaotic year have you seen a need that can be met? Are you sitting on your gifts and talents out of fear? This is not the time to do this. If you need assistance in this area I am here to help.

I have openings this week. Visit the site asap and get on my calendar!!!

Also, order your SHOOT YOUR SHOT Journal and my other books via this link: https://www.amazon.com/author/fredrikasellers

One Love,


Master it.. With Class

Good afternoon beautiful souls. I just wanted to write you a short little encouraging note as well as give you some information about the two masterclasses I am offering in November.

A lot of you have experienced some things in the past few weeks. It is time to master it with class. It is okay to be hurt and upset about it but you have healing work you have to do, You cannot allow yourself to be bound by the movements of toxic people. I am praying with you and for you always. Please remember that your movement matters. It always has and it always will.

We have a tendency to put ourselves on the back burner because we don’t want to hurt the feelings of others no matter what they have done to us. This is the season for you to reposition people so that you will have room for the blessings that the Lord is preparing for you. So stay in encouraged and remain in Him always.

So about these masterclasses(I encourage but this is also a business lol): The first masterclass is on 11/1/2020 at 7pm. It is a creative healing/journaling class. It will be for an hour and the cost is $50. You will need a journal, crayons, scissors, and anything else you feel you need to be creative. There are 20 spots available.

Second class is on 11/29/2020 and that class is Rhythm N Writing. Again the cost is $50 and it is at 7pm. This class consists of 30 minutes of movement followed by 30 minutes of discussion and writing about what you were feeling while you were moving. You will also need the same materials as the first class. Please be open to be free and creative. There are 10 spots available.

I must tell you that I am not a licensed therapist and this is not a therapy session. If you feel that you are not in the right space to attend these classes please note that I understand and I would encourage you not to register. If you are in need of therapy I can recommend some awesome people who can assist you in that area. It is not the motive of GT to pull you into a place that we cannot get you out of.

To register for these classes please send an email to fredrika@genesistransition.com with your name and email address so that the Zoom link can be provided to you. Also if you are not comfortable with a group and would like a one on one you can book it as well. The cost is for the creative writing one on one is on the site and you can do the application process then book it. The Rhythm N Writing is not and must be booked via email only.

I love you because I love you. Remain encouraged. Fall into your purpose.


Welcome to the New GT

Happy October Beautiful Souls!!!

As of 10/11/2020 there are some new additions, new processes added and/or subtracted from Genesis Transition. I turned 40 yesterday and in addition to this revamp as a gift to myself, I have also started a new business: Fredrika Sellers Consulting. I will provide that information at the end of this post.

I am no longer offering career development services. I can refer you to HR professionals who will be able to assist you in that area. I am also no longer accepting new clients for resume writing. I will continue to service my one contract partner and my current clients for revamps. Again I will refer you to HR professionals who can assist you in this manner.

Coffee and Consultation is now Coffee and Coaching. This is a one time service for those who only desire one session. I specifically consult through the other business now.

I offer coaching to those who desire to start a business (it can be directly connected to your purpose), who desire to be an author, and those who are looking for an accountability coach. These are my areas of passion and I feel I am more effective in. Again if you require any other type of coaching I can refer you.

I now require you to fill out an application before we begin our sessions. This way we can see if we are the right fit for each other. We don’t want to waste time, energy, or money. You must submit a request for approval.

I want to thank you all for genuinely supporting this vision and my newest baby. Which I will now give you a little preview about.

Fredrika Sellers Consulting. The purpose is to provide creative and logical strategies that will help you grow and stabilize your organization. We are executing movements and erasing excuses. I will consult creatives (authors, dancers, etc), coaches, business owners, and virtual assistants. If you desire a consult please send an email to fredrikasellers@icloud.com or contact me at 240-245-0615(same as GT). The Facebook and Instagram pages will be up by the end of this week or next week.

Always remember that you are a movement. Flow into your purpose.

One Love,


Fall: Focused And Living Life

This is the most beautiful season to me. Some call it Autumn and others call it “FALL”. This is harvest season. This is the season where the leaves fall off but the tree still stands because the root is still healthy.

Cardigan season. Boot season. Hoodie season. We wear a little more because there has been a change in the atmosphere and it is a beautiful thing. This will be a fairly short blog but I want you to remain focused and I want you to live your life. We (myself included) focus so much on the dead things falling off that we don’t realize we still have to nourish the root.

Focus on your goals and aspirations. Live your life. Love you better. And not just in the fall but in every season of your life.

I have a special going on tomorrow. Head over to my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/genesis-transition to see what it is.

I love you because I love you.


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Good afternoon everyone! I hope this day finds you well. It is raining here in the D(M)V as you all remember I love the rain.

This post is to update you on a few things Genesis Transition related. I will be revamping some of the services offered. I am excited about what will be released. All of this will take place on 10/11/2020 which is actually my 40th birthday!!!

In the meantime please take a look at the current services offered and book me for a session/class/consultation today. I look forward to serving you and assisting you in every area of your life.

OH!!!! I have just published an affirmation and goal journal. It is called ” Shoot Your Shot: A 12 month Affirmation and Goal Journal.” It is available on Amazon now. I will provide my author link so you can order that and the other books I have published.

Until our next talk!



September Saturation

Welcome to the ninth month of this here 2020. 9 symbolizes a couple of things: the perfect movement of God and giving birth. This is also the time of year when my favorite season arrives and that would be fall!!!

I am excited for the comfortable temperatures, the leaves changing color, and eventually the dead things fall off. It’s harvest season and we have planted beautiful seeds for the past eight months so we should be seeing some results soon!

I will be revamping this website soon adding services, deleting others, etc. I encourage you to book a session if you are ready for a shift. The services offered are listed here on the site. I encourage you to finish 2020 and finish it strong.

I love you because I love you. Remain safe and encouraged.


Adjust, Affirm, Assert… August

January through July. We have done a lot of things to make it through these past several months. Truth be told this year isn’t over with but I am remaining calm and refuse to panic. Great things happen while you go through hell. It is all in how you look at it.

You have learned how to do the following: Adjust, Affirm, and Assert. You can take all three of these techniques and apply them to the month of August and for the rest of this year. You may be asking yourself how you did these things. I am going to give you a slight example of each and then you are responsible for August-September. You can either take the lessons you have learned and apply them to grow and develop or you can choose to dwell on the negative. Some of us will end up doing both but I pray that your outcome will be more of a positive nature. We were taught in math that two negatives multiplied always equal a positive.

Adjust: Some of you started working from home with your children learning in school online. It was a difficult task but all goals set forth were accomplished. Some of you had to create extra streams of income by creating businesses. You tapped into your God given gifts combined with your natural talents. Some of you haven’t but that is ok. You still have time to shoot your shot. You still have time to finish what you have started.

Affirm: Many of you have stated that you will not be stopped in every area of your life. You have adopted a positive mindset that you carried from month to month and the evidence is showing. Keep it up! Some of you need to start affirming the greatness that is in you. ( I can help with that.Will post deets below)

Assert: You have planted your seeds in good ground and you refuse to move. You have established who you are and what you have to offer. Keep being assertive concerning you. If they don’t like they can get over it. That is not your problem beloved. You aren’t arrogant you are healing and you deserve the peace you should have never had to fight for to begin with (Not sure who that was for. I pray your receive it in Jesus name).

August: The 8th Month. A new beginning. Which means in July some things in your life came to an end. And that is ok. We have reasons, seasons, lessons, and blessings. Everything will be alright. Keep pushing forward. It is still Shoot Your Shot 2020.

Speaking of SHOOT YOUR SHOT…. I have a new template(product) available for purchase. The cost is $15. It is a goal and affirmation guide (12 month) with a journal prompt at the end of each month. I encourage you to purchase one today. For the month of August I am offering a Shoot Your Shot Session. Cost is $50 but does not include the template. It is not on the website so you have to email me directly: fredrika@genesistransition.com.

As always I am praying with you and I am praying for you. Keep shooting your shot!!!

One Love,


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Midnight Motivation

Photo by lin chu on Pexels.com

This is your midnight motivation. Whether you read it now or when you wake up. I want you to know that whatever you have set your mind and heart to do can still be done. I want you to walk with your head held high, with your shoulders back, and with a smile on your face.


Because you are still here and you still have a purpose. Don’t get distracted by things that can drag you down. You are being propelled into greatness. I am excited for you and with you.

It would be odd for me not to say it seeing that this one quote has kept me going for the past couple of months:


Don’t hesitate. Trust the process. Trust the Lord. You have people genuinely praying with you and for you.

That is all I have to say. Share this blog with anyone you feel needs to read it. Encourage them to subscribe so they can receive this the same time you do. You can then have what I love to call coffee(tea) and conversation. To book a sessh…(my other new word) go to GT Products/Services here on the website. I have an open calendar and an open ear for you.

One love. Rest well. Sleep good. Grand rising. All of that.


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