November Notes

Good afternoon everyone!

I know it has been a while since a blog has been posted. I had to take a minute to catch my breath and I am now in the process of reorganizing some things. Thank you for your patience.

I would formally like to welcome you to Fall. This is my favorite time of year. The temperature is right how I like it, I get my extra hour of sleep, and as painful as it seems and feels, the dead things fall off. Even though it is hard to comprehend, pain is beautiful. You can see the illustration of it in the trees. They begin to change colors and then as I previously stated, the dead things fall to the ground.

When you are walking do you realize that in order to have a clear path you move all the things that are in your way? You have a set destination and you will not allow anything in front of you to stop you from getting to that destination. I want to encourage you to stay your path and let the dead things fall off. Even with tears in your eyes and a pain in the pit of your stomach. You are going to be okay. It will take time and patience.


As we are approaching this holiday season some of us will be going through a grieving stage. We will miss loved ones very much and not really feel like celebrating. I want to leave you with a positive acronym for the word GRIEF. I will post it below.

Grace: Give yourself grace.

Resilience: Remember how resilient you are.

Intention: Be intentional about your healing and your life.

Evolve: Look at how much you have evolved/grown over this year alone. 

Focus: Focus on you because you matter. 

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Remember you are a whole movement! Flow into your purpose.

One Love,


September and Shifting

Good evening everyone!

Welcome to the month of September. This email is to prepare you for the shifting that is about to take place during this month.

You are probably wondering why you need to be prepared. The reason for that is you have been building some great things on a solid foundation. With the waves of change and the season change coming you should already have some things set in place so that you will continue to thrive and succeed in your life and in your business.

Life will throw curveballs and distractions but I want you to stand firm in everything you believe and continue to set those possible, strategic, and formidable goals.

For those that don’t know 9 has a biblical meaning ” The perfect movement of God”. And we are in the 9th month. Be prepared if things move the way God has planned and not the way you have (Dear Creative Analyzers like myself).  I urge you to listen for instructions concerning your business and your personal life.

September and Shifting. I say let’s go for everything destined for us. As always you can follow the business on social media: Genesis Transition on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I also have a podcast you can listen to as well:

I look forward to speaking with you all again soon! Remember your movement matters, Flow into your purpose with dignity and with grace.

One Love,


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Welcome to a New Beginning

We have arrived to August. We are officially in our 8th month and we are four months from a brand new decade. I encourage you to walk into your new beginning.

Embrace every good thing that comes your way. Don’t run from the blessing you’ve been praying for. This is also your opportunity to start something new!! Tap into your creativity and also add another stream of income at the same time!!

This is your opportunity. Do not let anyone steer you off track. Stay in your lane.

To schedule a “Driven” session click the link below: Genesis Transition Appointment Type Driven.

Thank you for choosing GT!!!

One Love,


Creative Chaos


I understand how you feel. I know what you are going through. It seems like you have all of these creative ideas and none of them are coming out. I have a few tips to help you start in the process. As a creative myself I am about to say words that don’t make sense to you (especially you extroverted creatives) but it will help. Are you ready?


Say what? Yes, I said what I said. (Click on the My Podcast tab and listen to episode 2 for spiritual instructions). You need to calm down, take your time, and look at it again. Some of you are trying to do too much and it is causing you a personal and professional chaotic  situation. I am going to post some tips for creatives that may assist you going forward. I have found these techniques to be helpful and it has allowed me to write 4 books in 5 years, create ministry choreography whether on the spot or over time, and to create my own space where my ideas can roam and be safe until I am ready to use it.

  1. Pick one activity and focus on that activity until it is complete.
  2. Set goals for that activity
  3. Find you a person who is professional and dependable to keep you on task (accountability is everything)
  4. Set aside time for self care. You work better when you are rested emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

If you feel like you need additional assistance in this area, I do offer a creative coaching session. Click on the products and services tab and select Creative Coaching. I will send you an email to set a time and date via Zoom or telephone.

It’s okay to be a creative. Embrace your gifts.

You are loved! You are a movement. Flow into your purpose.

One Love,


7/8: Complete It.

Hello everyone! Welcome to July!!! As we begin this seventh month (8 days in), I hope you did your check in that was suggested last month. June was the month to look back over the previous six months to see what you have achieved and what you would like to accomplish. This next sentence may throw you off but that’s what I am here for. To challenge you.

Do Not Set Another Goal Until You COMPLETE the Previous Goal!!!!

Why? We have a tendency to start things for the thrill of it and never finish it. Then we wonder why nothing is happening. It’s because you keep procrastinating. Look at what you started and finish it without complaining.

Don’t know where to start? I offer a session called “Driven”. Schedule your appointment today by emailing me:

It’s time to complete what you’ve started so you can have the new beginning you’re crying out for. 7…8. You have the piece everyone is waiting for. You complete their puzzle.

One Love,


Check In

Good afternoon everyone!!!

We are six months into this new year. This is the time to assess your goals and achievements. As we enter this second quarter of 2019, you should be able to see some growth in every area of your life. And if you don’t that is okay. We understand that life happens. You have been given another opportunity to flow into your purpose!!!

I encourage you all to continue journaling your process. Find yourself a mentor and a friend who will be able to assist you, encourage you, and when needed check you.

If you have not set any goals yet and don’t know where to start please schedule a “Driven” session with me as soon as possible. We can get you on the right track. You can schedule by visiting the website or emailing me:

Again.. this is where you check in. If you feel lead to share what you’re doing feel free to comment, share, etc.

Your movement always matters.

Flow into your purpose.

One Love,


It is Time

There is something you’re supposed to be doing that can impact the world. Whatever your it is, I encourage you to do it.

It is time. Even if you have to do it solo. So many times we wait for others to jump on board. You literally don’t have the time to wait for them. The nation is waiting to for you to come forth with your gifts and talents.

Develop your gifts and talents.

Trust God through it all.

Impact the nation.

It. Is. Time.

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Have a great day on purpose!


April Showers. I pray May brings you flowers

Good morning everyone!!!

We are in a new month. Welcome to May. I hope that your April was productive and full of purpose.

This is a good time to look back at the goals you’ve set for this year so far. I hope you have seen some movement. And if not that is ok. You still have time to get it done. Be encouraged!!!!

Some of us shed some tears but I pray May we experience joy unspeakable joy.

When you get a free moment feel free to read previous blogs, subscribe to the emails, purchase a book, and even book a session.

Have a beautiful day!!!!

One Love,


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