Finish Strong

It seems like this year went by fast. And you may not feel that you accomplished everything you set out to do. Don’t be discouraged. Congratulate yourself for the small victories you have made this year. It is the small things that make the big difference. I encourage you to finish 2018 strong. Concentrate on one thing that you want magnified going into 2019.

If you are not sure of what that is contact Genesis Transition and request a “Driven” session today. Go to the Contact tab on this website to get more information.

Starting Fresh

No person I know wants to start over. It seems like you have wasted time and you don’t have the energy put in the work. I want you to know that you can build a solid foundation at rock bottom. Your foundation will be stronger because you have learned from the mistakes of your past.


I am starting fresh. I’m not carrying any past struggles as an excuse not to work my vision and walk in my purpose. If you are ready for a fresh start contact me via email and schedule your session today by going to the contact tab and submit your information. You can also send an email to or call 240-245-0615.

One Love,


Setting Goals

We all have goals in life. One thing I have learned is not to overwhelm myself by setting a lot of goals at once. Have you overwhelmed yourself with goals at the beginning of this year? If so, take a step back, take deep breaths, and look at what you have set before you. Focus on the small things first. They make the biggest difference in your life.

Genesis Transition offers a session which I call “Driven”. Schedule your session by calling 240-245-0615 or you can send an email to today.

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img_4218It has been a while since I have posted on here. My apologies. I have been getting things in order. I dropped in to tell you that this Friday Genesis Transition will be having a Time Management and Organization Workshop from 7-8pm. The location is 5640 Sunnyside Ave in Beltsville, MD. I am looking forward to sharing with all of those who attend. You can register via email at or call 240-245-0615!

Fredrika Sellers

Time Management

How are you starting your day? How are you ending your day? This matters because they determine the course of your day along with your heart. This will be short blog but my suggestion is to write down the first thing you do in the morning and the last thing that you do at night. If you look at both you will see if you are in a good place or if you need to make any adjustments. I am currently doing this and as a result I am in an adjustment phase. In order for the days to get better and more productive you may need to manage your time better.

One love

Professional Masker

You are probably looking at that title like what in the world. Good. I want you to look at it like that. Some of you have become professional at wearing a mask that you are unknowingly stealing the breath from your own life. And the weird thing is that we are looking at other people and trying to blame them for the things that we won’t deal with. It’s not everybody’s fault. You have the power to make your own decisions.

I encourage you to take off the mask and get in the mirror. Once you confront your issues you can then have the uncomfortable conversations with those you are lead to have them with.

You’ve made your personal issues a part of your profession. This isn’t it a good look. Drop the mask already.

Define Your Own Success

Success means different things to different people. According to Webster’s dictionary success means the following: “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose; the attainment of popularity or profit; a person or thing that achieves a desired aims or attains prosperity.” Everyone has a different way that they define success.
Whatever you do in life, no matter who you encounter, never let them define success for you. Define it for yourself.

Make wise decisions. Be careful of who you share your vision with. And always encourage yourself.

One love.

You Matter

You matter. How you feel matters. How you live matters. Everything about you matters. So many times we put ourselves on the back burner because we want to make sure everything and everyone around us is okay. And it can get to a point where they forget you matter and make you feel like you don’t. Be encouraged tonight. You do matter. It’s time to take care of you and the things that are important like your own physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health. We cannot be everything to everybody and nothing to ourselves. Fumes eventually run out just like gas.

You matter, you are loved, you are worth the effort. Invest in you.

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